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Ok so I keep getting a bunch of followers that unfollow me after a day and it's hella irritating becuase it gets me all happy then it's like a super let down on other thing so I guess I'll try to summarize my blog better. I used to go under the name Tanbenka but I had to change it for reasons but it's cool since I'm not a popular blog and i changed it again kinda from zetsubouseito to this one.

I this blog is dedicated to things I find interesting. Mostly anime, SPN, Sherlock, Homestuck, and cats. Clothes, frick frackin love clothes. Also some yaoi. It's not always there but it is so deal. I also reblog food,,, because it's food. My OTP is PB&J but that is my opinion so if it's not your's that's cool. I made a page of my ships so I encourage you to take a look at that before you decide to follow then unfollow me and slowly break my heart. Hope you enjoy your stay.

If you're bored or need a temporary moirail my Skype and Snapchat are both under fallingskylark. Don't really know why anyone would want to talk with me but I'll answer anything or bake you cookies or some shit like that.

I will may occasionally send you nerdy pick-up lines. I really like nerdy pick-up lines. I really like pick-up lines.
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